Fund Management

Why invest in mutual fund?

Mutual funds are a popular investment vehicle that pools your money together along with other investors to buy shares of a collection of bonds, stocks, and other securities. Because these pooled resources are invested in many different securities, there is higher risk diversification which ensures investors better returns at relatively low risk. We specialize in both open and closed-end mutual funds.

open-end mutual fund

When most people hear the words “Mutual Funds” they think of open-end funds. They don’t have a fixed maturity or a fixed number of units that can be bought and sold. These funds offer relatively high liquidity in comparison to closed-end funds. These funds allow their investors to buy or sell their units at the NAV of the fund on that particular day.

close-end mutual fund

Close-end mutual funds do not offer as much liquidity as open-end funds. They are offered through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and traded at the exchange. These funds have a certain number of units that can be bought or sold alongside a fixed maturity. Investors have the choice between selling these units at the market price of the secondary market or wait until their maturity and liquidate at the NAV.


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